Instructions: mouse over the words "here" and "here too" and compare results with MSIE 6

Actual results: event.offset values are reset when hovering over a text node

Expected results: event.offset values should not be reset when hovering over a text node; just like in MSIE 6

here too


"Sets or retrieves the x-coordinate of the mouse pointer's position relative to the object firing the event."
event.offsetX at MSDN2

CSSOM View Module Reference (W3C Working Draft 4 August 2011) states:
The offsetX attribute, on getting, must return the x-coordinate of the position where the event occurred relative to the origin of the padding edge of the target node.

MSIE 6, MSIE 7, MSIE 8, Safari 4.0, Konqueror 3.5.8 and Konqueror 4.1.0 all pass this test.

Update: this bug has been fixed in Opera 11.10 build 2092

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