A counter must be within the scope its counter-reset

Counter-increment in CSS 2.1 requires that its counter be within the scope of the counter-reset, otherwise "implementations should behave as though a 'counter-reset' had reset the counter to 0" according to CSS 2.1, section 12.4.1 and CSS 2.1, section C.2.87. Several documents report this bug for counter-increment for Opera 8+: Precisions on CSS counters by Laurent Jouanneau, July 2005; Counter-increment, counter-reset - Implemented the algorithm in REC CSS2 at Wiki's Comparison of layout engines (CSS); David Hammond's CSS support of counter-increment for Opera 9 states "counters used without a counter-reset are assumed to be in global scope should be in scope of element using the counter." Also stated at [CSS] Les compteurs which states in French that "Counter-increment works in Opera and Konqueror without a counter-reset. But those 2 browsers contradict the W3C recommendation."

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