This sentence should have a green background.

Firefox 1.5, Firefox 2.x, Firefox 3, Opera 9.27, Opera 9.50, Safari 3.1.2, Safari 4.0, Konqueror 3.5.9, Hv3 TKHTML alpha 16, Seamonkey 1.x, Seamonkey 2.x, NS 7.2, K-meleon 1.x, Galeon 2.0.4, Epiphany 2.22 all pass this test.

Credit must go to Ingo Turski for discovering and reporting this bug at IE blog on March 6th 2008.

This bug has been reported at connect's IE beta feedback as bug 350523.

Update: This bug has been FIXED in Internet Explorer 8 beta 2 (build 6001.18241) released on August 28th 2008. Otherwise, Internet Explorer 8 beta 2 PASSES this specific and particular testcase.

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