Meta demo page for bug 90213, bug 169678, bug 246481 and possibly bug 38447

Type of links Actual link or Image in MSIE 6
a[href$=".exe"]:not([onclick]) Actual link Firefox 3.0pre
Image in MSIE 6
a[href^="mailto:"]:not([onclick]) Actual link Mailto link
Image in MSIE 6
a[target="_blank"]:not([onclick]) Actual link
Image in MSIE 6
a[href$=".pdf"]:not([onclick]) Actual link Osprey's Coverage Areas
Image in MSIE 6

Style sheet for this page:

#idExe {cursor: url("../GRAPHICS/ICO/DownloadExe.cur"), auto;}
#idMailto {cursor: url("../GRAPHICS/ICO/Mailto.cur"), auto;}
#idTarget_Blank {cursor: url("../GRAPHICS/ICO/Target_Blank.cur"), auto;}
#idPdf {cursor: url("../GRAPHICS/ICO/DownloadPdf.cur"), auto;}

To know more about the first 3 customized cursors in Windows, visit:

All 4 links could be coded in Mozilla like this:

a[href$=".exe"]:not([onclick]) {cursor: -moz-downloadexe.cur !important, auto;}
a[href^="mailto:"]:not([onclick]) {cursor: -moz-mailto.cur !important, auto;}
a[target="_blank"]:not([onclick]) {cursor: -moz-target_blank.cur !important, auto;}
a[href$=".pdf"]:not([onclick]) {cursor: -moz-downloadpdf.cur !important, auto;}

Additional references and excerpts:

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