Determining if a mousewheel roll event occured and determining its direction (forward or backward)

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Instructions: Place the mouse cursor over the cat image. Then roll the mouse wheel forward and backward.

Actual results in MSIE 6, NS 7.0 (rv: 1.0.1 build 20020823) and Mozilla 1.8b2 build 2005032506 under XP Pro SP2: the image dimensions increase (10%) when you roll forward the mousewheel and the image dimensions decrease (10%) when you roll backward the mousewheel.

Explanations: MSIE 6 stores direction of rolling in the wheelDelta property while Mozilla-based browsers store this indirectly in the detail property (-32768 or +32768 if "Roll the wheel one notch to scroll: One screen at a time" was checked. ±32768 are event constants SCROLL_PAGE_UP and SCROLL_PAGE_DOWN; otherwise, evt.detail will be ±number of lines in "Roll the wheel one notch to scroll: The following number of lines at a time", this number of lines being reliable when less than 25.). You can verify this yourself by examining carefully the event properties generated in this page.

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