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Main content

Steps to reproduce: with mouse-dragging, select/highlight the word "Main" above and then, with the mouse button still down, pressed, gently move the mouse cursor down, toward bottom of page.

Actual results in MSIE 8 beta 1: the "Main content" words move down, move vertically, shift down and the whole light green content box becomes taller. Some kind of guillotine graphical effect occurs, is possible. [Image download support must be enabled]

Expected results: the "Main content" words should remain still, should not move vertically, should not shift up or down. The whole light green content box should not become taller.

Internet Explorer 7, Firefox, Firefox 3, Safari 3.1.2, Opera 9.27, Opera 9.50, NS 7.0, NS 7.2, Konqueror 3.5.8, Amaya 9.55, Hv3 TKHTML alpha 16, Seamonkey 1.x, Seamonkey 2.x, K-meleon 1.x, Galeon 2, Epiphany 2 all pass this test.

This bug has been reported at connect's IE beta feedback as bug 353254.

Update: This bug has been FIXED in Internet Explorer 8 beta 2 (build 6001.18241) released on August 28th 2008. Otherwise, Internet Explorer 8 beta 2 PASSES this specific and particular testcase.