Containing block of an absolutely positioned inline is not determined correctly

Steps to reproduce: Hover the mouse over "Info "

Some text in a sentence about something regarding something and some more words and Info Some informative text which is supposed to provide contextual information about a word or expression. sentence continues after that, like normal.

Expected results (screen shot 833px wide by 122px high):

Actual results in Internet Explorer 8 beta 1 (screen shot 833px wide by 114px high):

Firefox 2, Firefox 3, Opera 9.27, Opera 9.5, Safari 3.1.1, Konqueror 3.5.8, Seamonkey 1.x, Seamonkey 2.x, NS 7.2, K-meleon 1.x, Galeon 2.0.4, Epiphany 2.22 all pass this test. Opera 9.27 and Opera 9.50 have some difficulties with the testcase (stacking and painting issues) but they do correctly figure out the containing block of the absolutely positioned inline element.

This bug has been reported at connect's IE beta feedback as bug 338788.

Update: This bug has been FIXED in Internet Explorer 8 beta 2 (build 6001.18241) released on August 28th 2008. Otherwise, Internet Explorer 8 beta 2 PASSES this specific and particular testcase.

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