Declaring borders on <col>

Actual (live) results in your browser:

row1 column 1 row1 column 2 row1 column 3
row2 column 1 row2 column 2 row2 column 3
row3 column 1 row3 column 2 row3 column 3

Expected results: the above table should look like this screenshot (516px by 157px):
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"Border: The various border properties apply to columns only if 'border-collapse' is set to 'collapse' on the table element. In that case, borders set on columns and column groups are input to the conflict resolution algorithm that selects the border styles at every cell edge." CSS 2.1, Section 17.3 Columns

Update: because the HTML 4 attribute specification rules="all" is not completely and not clearly defined in terms of borders surrounding table cells, this bug report is no longer considered valid.

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